High-quality suspension servicing in Albion Park & WOLLONGONG

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When it comes to safety, there’s nothing more important than being able to properly stop your vehicle. Due to the high importance that a quality and well-maintained braking system is, the qualified team at Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre take brake repairs very seriously. As a result, we have become the brake repair experts in Albion Park.

Think of all the times you touch your brake pedal during a typical drive. Multiply that by a week, a month, a year. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your braking system. That’s why it’s utterly crucial to make sure yours is always kept in top condition.

For over 30 years, our trained auto technicians have been servicing:
• Drums
• Rotors
• Calipers
• Wheel bearings
• Master cylinders
• Anti-lock brake systems
• And everything else to do with brake service

Our brake servicing is available for all types of cars, vans and light trucks, foreign and domestic. With experience and dedication to keeping you safe, the crew at Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre are the specialists you can trust.

To ensure the best results, we only use top-quality brakes like the products from the trusted world-class brake brand Bendix.

Whether you need diagnostic testing, a hydraulic system flush or an emergency brake system repair, Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre keeps your car not only running smoothly but stopping smoothly as well.

Why trust your family’s safety to anyone else? We’ve been keeping families safe for more than 30 years and we are committed to continue providing the best quality products and services at prices you can afford.
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Your car’s suspension not only keeps your car riding smoothly, it also keeps your wheels in proper contact with the road, which is vital to safe steering and braking. Shock absorbers that are in full working order are also helpful in extending the life of your tyres.

At Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre, we are the experts when it comes to shock absorbers and struts. We perform services on all types of vehicle, so whether you drive a car, van, SUV or 4WD, whether it’s foreign or domestic, we are the experts in them all.

A smooth ride is not only important to the comfort of your ride but also to the longevity of your vehicle’s life. That’s why at Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre, we use only top-quality shock absorbers and suspension components from industry leader Pedders Suspension.

For high-performance shock absorbers, the professional team at Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre can accommodate an entire range of suspension needs, including coil springs, and heavy-duty shock and struts.

When it comes to top-quality struts, we carry the entire Pedders Suspension range that come highly recommended for all vehicles. Pedders Suspensions are particularly good for vehicles with a high centre of gravity like vans, SUVs and 4WDs.

Whatever your requirements and budget, we have the product that’s right for you. Call our friendly team today and schedule an inspection or visit us at our Albion Park store.

For expert suspension services and brake care, call Danics Auto & Tyre Service Centre, your automotive experts today on 02 4257 9999

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